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House, M.D. RPG

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4/5/07 01:03 am - snazzyties

The interior of Wilson's car had been referred to as 'dim silver' by the salesman. Light silver. He'd repeated it over and over in his mind, but no amount of staring at the dashboard could make him see anything more than grey. Because that's what it was. It was grey. The sky was grey, the roads were grey, his mind was grey. Everything was grey.

He pulled up to his mother's house, and she greeted him with a kiss on the cheek. "The car's beautiful, Jimmy. They're going to love it." 'They' needing no further explanation. His father was out of town, not having 'any damn thing to do with this whole damned religion,' and Samuel Jr., who was never expected to turn up in the first place, had called to remind them that he wasn't coming and sent his mother an Easter card as a joke. It was now sitting on the mantle, proudly displayed next to a Mother's Day card from three years prior, and a family photo in which David was conveniently missing. Wilson family treasures.

The only 'they' in the household now were Natasha and Annabel, who had stayed back when Wilson had gone to pick up their surprise. Half of it, at least, as the other half was nestled in a black box in the top drawer of Wilson's beaurau. Somewhere inside the pit of his stomach, he still had the sinking feeling that they'd both like the car better.

Wilson's mother straightened his collar, then leaned in close to him with a knowing glint in her eye. "If you want my opinion-- which I know you don't," she whispered, "you should ask her tonight. Why wait? You know she'll say yes." Her lips curved into a grin, and she leaned further in, whispering into his ear. "They always do."

"Thanks, mom," was the only way he knew how to respond. He let his mother brush a bit of lint from his sleeve, then they both turned for the inside, to greet his family.

4/3/07 10:40 am - yesthatjulie - Cuddy:

So, is it a relief, or does it sting a little that he bought someone that could love him more than you did?

4/2/07 08:54 pm - snazzyties - Julie:

I haven't heard from you in a while. I just wanted to check in and make sure everything was all right.

4/1/07 07:12 pm - snazzyties - House:

I think I'm going to propose to her. Get the I Told You So's out of the way now.

3/31/07 01:56 pm - swordcanes - Cuddy:

I've had the same jeans on for four days now.

3/27/07 12:48 pm - lollybel - Mr. Pater, Unc, Lisa, Wilson:

Nine-year-old boys are completely immature.

3/12/07 04:24 pm - swordcanes

It was a bar that had many years ago been frequented by students; now another more colorfully lit place had opened up closer to Varsity, and the tight-skinned wow styled guys and dolls went there instead. It was the Corner Bar and it had changed its image to fit the new patrons: businesspeople. Sturdy, quality wooden tables outside and inside, sober lighting that complimented dark suits. House came late in his coat and Corvette with the hot air blasting. The tables outside were all empty, though a single cigarette lay crushed in the ashtray on the last one as though Stacy had been by and gotten impatient. It was her brand, too. He couldn't stop his eyes flicking downward as he passed it.

He didn't need to look at the cigarette; he could tell by the smell of the thing. The frosted air was filling his nose and he was glad of it. He went in without taking off his scarf or hat. Cuddy looked like she didn't like being alone in such a bar, but was trying to look unconcerned about the fact. Men were gravitating from stool to stool toward her corner table. House sat down heavily and scattered them in all disappointed directions. Took up the glass of white wine he found beside his hand.

" -- why'd you cancel?"

3/12/07 01:07 pm - lawyeress - Lisa:


3/11/07 03:34 am - betteroffdean - Wilson:

Seth told my dad that he'd like to see Annabel again.

3/11/07 12:56 pm - swordcanes - Wilson:

"Well, that was how it would have been before. But now it's all different: when you forget I'm a little girl, you'll fall in love with me but you'll be really, really jealous because now I have a boyfriend, and you'll be so jealous and feel so helpless that you'll have an overdose or shoot yourself in the head like mom's ex-boyfriend."

You must be doing a hell of a job raising that kid.
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