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vicodin_rpg's Journal

House, M.D. RPG
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This is a House, M.D. fandom RPG, in development.

I hope I'm not infringing too much on the happy monopoly that a couple of major RPGs seem to have in this area. I don't mean to snub them by creating my own. My purposes are these:

1. To give people another grab at the main characters, if they so wish. Everyone but House, Cameron, Wilson and Cuddy is free so far.

2. To let them choose between the few games as they will.

3. To keep a tight leash on the quality of writing and characterisation. Within reason, I hope. But if I or any other player has a quarrel with the way someone is being played, it will always be explored and discussed, and never dismissed as wank, unless it is obviously contrived to be that way. This rule includes me. House is important; a crap House means a crap game. I plan to put serious effort in, and I expect the same of those who apply.

The first post on vicodin_ooc is going to be the information, rules and application information. Here it is: http://community.livejournal.com/vicodin_ooc/340.html

New information on the note system:



House - swordcanes
Cuddy - betteroffdean
Cameron - allicameronmd
Wilson - snazzyties
Castle - castle_md
Hall - juniornurse

Once you join, you might want to watch with your normal journal to keep abreast. I like to keep several breasts myself.

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