Stacy Warner (lawyeress) wrote in vicodin_rpg,
Stacy Warner


Who's that girl I saw you with the other day? Is she a nurse? My head just snapped around.
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No. She's my girlfriend.
I wonder if she knows what she's setting herself up for.
She doesn't.
Bet you do.
Can you please at least pretend to give a crap about other people before you start emailing me about what a bad spouse I am?
That doesn't follow.

I'll see you sometime when I've settled in back at Greg's.
Go to hell.
What's the matter now?
Don't go back to him.
He'll be pleased to see me. He always is. He just thinks he shouldn't.
It's not when he sees you I'm worried about. It's when you leave.

We go through this every time, Stacy. Stay out of his life, or stay in it permanently. He doesn't just stop living when you leave. While you're out screwing the next guy, he's alone, and feels like crap because you'd rather be with Rob.

If you loved him, if you ever really loved him, it would bother you to know that he was upset. You would feel something. You would stay. But you never do, and you never will. You just fuck with him until he gets comfortable, and things aren't so wonderful and rosy between you, and you go somewhere where it will be.
How do you know what bothers me? What I say? You should know better than that.
No, see, that's the problem. What you say doesn't matter.

By leaving, you break his heart. If you loved him, that would bother you enough to stick around.
What "makes someone feel better" and "what's good for the other person" are two different things.

You coming and going isn't good for him!